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Save time & money
with intelligent delivery 
route optimisation

The urban delivery environment is
becoming incredibly complicated

Stack of white parcels to be delivered

Growing volumes

Cars stuck in traffic

Growing congestion

Stack of money

Growing costs

You must adapt
or risk falling behind

Iodo is a delivery management system for desktop and mobile

Our solution helps
businesses adapt to changing environments and
improve the efficiency, sustainability and quality of your deliveries

With                you can

Iodo logo black and mint

Tailor deliveries to meet the needs of both your business and customer

Multi factor route optimisation
Real time route optimisation

Stay on track and adapt with real-time, dynamic optimisation

Find certainty in uncertain environments with AI-driven, real-world learning

Real world optimisation
Intelligent notifications for delivery managers

Scale your business with autonomous technology and intelligent workflows


             saved time & money for an urban laundry business

Iodo logo white and mint

Laundry is a chore both for businesses and consumers. This London-based laundry company takes the hassle of laundry off your hands, offering collection and delivery services for both business and individual customers across the city. With 300 daily tasks to execute for a mixt of repeat and new customers, the ability to quickly plan the most efficient routes is critical . With iodo, they were able to dramatically cut their delivery times, improve their productivity and distribute workloads more evenly across their driver fleet to maximise efficiency.

1hr 50min

saved per driver


increase in revenue per hour


driver workload balance

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Iodo is an intelligent route optimisation solution


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